Frequently Asked Questions

I have downloaded an app that is 30MB, but after using it for a while it says that I am using 60MB. Why is that?
Answer: As you use an app, it creates a "cache", which takes up extra space on your device. You might notice that when you delete an app from your device, your available space will not increase as much as you'd expect. AppAll has developed an automated process that removes the cache when the app is deleted from our remote servers.

Who can access my apps?
Answer: AppAll's service is secure, and access to your apps is available to you and no one else.

Why is there a lag when I'm using the app?
Answer: Since the content of the app is being streamed to your device from a remote server, the quality of your network (wifi, 3G, 4G, etc) will affect how you see the app. The app itself is running at full speed on the servers, but your network connection could slow down how quickly your device receives the content from the servers. We understand that as a customer you want the best service possible, so we are working day and night to create rapid streaming technology, even on slower networks. Please stay tuned for exciting updates.

How does my data usage work?
Answer: You only use data for streaming content to and from AppAll. The actual app that you are running through AppAll is using our server's network, so you DO NOT pay for that app's data usage. We are constantly working on developing advanced streaming technology to minimize your AppAll data usage. One way you can minimize your data usage is to turn off sound, sensors, GPS, and camera in your AppAll settings. Keep in mind that if you have these services turned off, and an app requires these settings, the app may not work properly.

I tried to install an app from one app store but it said "incompatible"?
Answer: Please try to install the app using another available app store. If the issue continues please report it to us and we'll fix it.

I installed an app into AppAll, but when I clicked to open it, it crashed. What do I do?
Answer: Please delete the app by selecting and holding for a few seconds and dragging to the (x). Report the issue to us.

Why are no other app stores available? Like the Windows app store or the Apple App Store?
Answer: Our team is working on offering support for all app stores. Please stay tuned for exciting updates.

How do I get more space?
Answer: AppAll follows up a "sharemium" approach. By sharing the app with your friends we give you more space. If you still want more space, please contact us.

Can I move an existing app from my device into AppAll?
Answer: AppAll is currently working on a "Drag & Drop" feature where you can easily moves apps to and from AppAll. Please stay tuned for an update that will include that feature.

How does the app running on remote servers know my GPS, camera and sensor readings?
Answer: When a selected app is requesting your GPS, AppAll reads your GPS location and sends it to the app running on the server. The same process occurs for sensor and camera data. When you stop using the desired app through AppAll, AppAll stops your GPS, camera and sensors to preserve your battery.